Community Impact

ArtWorks Center for Contemporary Art

ArtWorks Center for Contemporary Art is a career accelerator for mid-career visual artists. The program has an emphasis on providing time, space and artistic interaction for the creation of challenging visual art in a market driven world. The program is a multiphase project spanning 5 to 10 years starting with artist studios in its downtown Loveland building. The Erion Foundation founded this non-profit organization in 2011. ArtWorks is a Erion Family Foundation legacy partner.

Colorado Youth Outdoors “Erion Pavilion”

Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) is a family-based program that brings teenagers and their parents together in educational outdoor activities. In 2007, CYO acquired Swift Ponds nature area. The Erion Family Foundation funded a portion of an open-air facility named the Erion Pavilion. The pavilion is the first structure on the property and will be used primarily as a sheltered learning center for the organization. The Erion Pavilion was completed in October 2010.

Community Kitchen/Meals On Wheels

Long term Legacy Partners of the Erion Family Foundation these two organizations share buildings, kitchen and professional staff to serve healthy nutritious meals to those in need. Each organization relies on its many volunteers to serve these meals.

Loveland Public Library Renovation and Addition

The Loveland Public Library is expanding and renovating the current library building to update and increase the services it provides for the community. The expansion will add nearly 27,000 sq feet of public space. New features and services will include additional meeting rooms, a dedicated teen area, a genealogy and local history center, a business center, a dedicated classroom, and a café, all in a LEED-certified, green and sustainable building. The Erion Family Foundation has been working with the Friends of the Loveland Public Library and the City of Loveland to help fund the project. A meeting room on the second level of the library is named after the Erion Family Foundation.

Loveland Creatorspace

Loveland CreatorSpace is a non-profit, members funded and operated, cooperative “makerspace” for engineers, artists, musicians and tinkerers of all sorts to come together and … CREATE! The Erion Foundation is a key supporter of this project.

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